Friday, November 12, 2010

Solid Brass Hook

This durable and stylish solid brass hook is suitable for hanging hats, coats, clothes, bath towels, etc.
It is useful for hanging items on bedrooms, closet doors, bathroom walls, on each side of a mirror. Let your imagination run wild!
It measures W20 x D50 x H65 and is front mounted with screw.   

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wooden Velvet Accessories Organizing Trays

No more excuses for those messy drawers!
This walnut solid wood frame with grey velvet dividers, wooden velvet accessories organizing tray helps to organise and put away everything.
Turn any drawer, dresser or counter-top into a personalized chest. This velvet organizing tray is suitable for organising ties, belts, watches, jewellery, cosmetics and any other items.
This unique, practical and handy organizer tray is ideal for placing in showcase, on pull-out frames or drawers.


There are total 4 designs to choose from

Model No. 105

Model No. 106

Model No. 107

Model No. 108

Cabinet Handles or Cabinet Pulls on sales now!

Cabinet handles or Cabinet pulls on sales now!

50% off designer cabinet handles made of Zinc Alloy.
Colour is Satin Chrome.

Dimension is L167 x W8 X D28 cc160

Hurry, while stocks last!

The use of cabinet handles and knobs to compliment a design theme is an art that is sometimes overlooked in these days.

While the selection of cabinet handles and knobs are only part of an interior design strategy to lift a room or add extra spice to a redesign project.

Helping you find the right cabinet handles and knobs or any other furniture hardware to add the finishing touches to your kitchen, bathroom and room is important to us. Send us your enquiry to

Scarf Rack / Scarf Hanger

Scarves can quickly become tangled. Keep your scarves neatly organized with this scarf rack or scarf hanger. It conveniently holds 9 varying sizes of scarves. It is made of aluminium natural anodised with self-closing full extension ball bearing slide.

Belt Rack / Belt Hanger

A simple stunning closet organizer, belt rack or belt hanger with 9 hanging hooks on aluminium natural anodised with self-closing full extension ball bearing slide. These durable hooks provide convenient hanging storage for belts, hand bags and even caps.

Tie Rack / Tie Hanger

No more digging on the floor of the closet for tie…. An excellent way to save space with this aluminium natural anodised tie rack or tie hanger. It organizes and protects 27 ties with self closing full extension ball bearing slide. It streamlines your morning routine at the same time.

Long handle pull

This long handle pull creates a modern touch to any style cabinetry and it offers elegance in its simplicity. Suitable for tall doors such as pantries, wardrobes and cabinet door for refrigerator,
Model no. 21001 with Natural Anodised. Dimension is L1000 x W10 x D38